Cure coming from nature...
There is a different feature for everywhere which makes there attractive and the farthest this feature goes beyond, the more attractive this place becomes. We can realize that clearly in Kızılcahamam. It is thought that it is not possible for this district to offer such rich nature due to its location. However, you get amazed the fertility of water and air when you are there.

Travel Guide of Kızılcahamam
It is not possible to think that a land in the midst of Anatolia had not been homeland for old civilisations. Throughout the history, Kızılcahamam has also hosted the civilisations and societies passing over Anatolia, the bed of cultural assets.
Historical Artifacts
Throughout the history, humanbeing has created his most beautiful works while he is shaping the time and arranging the life. Kızılcahamam hosts many works belonging to different periods on its territory witnessing the history.
Natural Beauty
A beauty which is the combination of water, green and richness comes to mind when the nature is the matter in Kızılcahamam. This region famous for its healing water has a variety of being.

Thermal Springs
The first thing coming to mind of many people is thermal spring when they hear about Kızılcahamam. The most important feature of the district which is the richest area in terms of healing water is that mineral, spring, thermal and drinking water exist together here.
If you want to cool your days with the air in the plateaus in Kızılcahamam being in the foreground with thermal tourism, this area offers you lots of choices. The visitors desiring to combine the remedy coming from springs with the clean plateau air,...
How to Reach Kızılcahamam
You can reach the district which is about 77 km. far from Ankara both by following highway and İstanbul road if you prefer to go there by road from Ankara. You can pause your trip which will take about 45 minutes to enjoy the scenery of Kurtboğazı barrage pond near the enter of Kızılcahamam.



Local Culture Guide of Kızılcahamam
Kızılcahamam Folk Culture
We can see that the values have been still maintained in the district which reaches today with its past dating back old times. Local people in Kızılcahamam combine the modern motives with their collections created with the features of old civilisations have protected the elements of culture special to region.

Kızılcahamam Local Cuisine
The dishes and food which are widespread in Central Anatolia, turn into different flavors with recipes special to Kızılcahamam. Mostly pastry is famous in the district in relation with the products grown here. In daily life, mostly dry legumes and pastry are consumed because there is not a variety of vegetable in the region.

Kızılcahamam Handicrafts
The emborded towels, sets of lace for covering, emborded scarves which are the musts for portions of young girls evoke admiration with the colorful yarns shaped in talented hands. Babies have still worn the clothes which are products of the handicrafts. The local motives meeting talent of the women living here have an important role in concreting the local culture.

Hiking Trails of Kızılcahamam

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Events Calendar
Festival of Kızılcahamam
Culture - Art and Water Festival
12 to 17 July 2011


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Kizilcahamam 5-Day Weather Report


Coordinates Kizilcahamam

40.169167 (40° 10' 9.00'' N)
31.920776 (31° 55' 14.79''O)

Desimal -Coordinates

K 40° 10' 02''
D 31° 55' 15''

Altitude: 975 meters

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